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Event -    Address - 2430 FDR E. Service Rd @23rd St & FDR Drive
New York Speed Dating
Venue Name: Sky Port Marina
Event Price: 29.99
Start Time: 7:00
Event Date: 06/17/2012
Event Day: Sunday
Age Range: 21-45

If you purchase your ticket on-line after 4pm the day of the event you MUST be able to show proof of payment at the door as you will NOT be on the list.

Singles dancing, drinking and mingling the night away with a panoramic view of NYC skyline on a 120-foot long, 2-deck event private yacht is about as “Single And The City” as it gets. 

Join 300 other ‘single and fabulous’ New Yorkers for a “four-hour tour”. Come rain or shine boarding begins at 6:30pm and the boat takes off as Bono so memorably put it, “with or without you” at 7:00pm sharp. 

What to expect: 
  • Boarding begins at 6:30/Boat leaves at 7:00pm
  • Light appetizers
  • Hip-hop and top 40
  • Socializing, dancing & ice-breakers
  • Cash bar
  • Prizes and give-aways

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Sky Port Marina Images:
Sky Port Marina Sky Port Marina Sky Port Marina Sky Port Marina
Address: 2430 FDR E. Service Rd @23rd St & FDR Drive NYC, NEW YORK 10001
Starts: NEW YORK, 06/17/2012 at 7:00 p.m.
Ends: NEW YORK, 06/17/2012

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