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Speed Dating for New Jersey, New York City, and more. Our Guarantee: Go on 10 dates or attend another event for free! Create a Profile

Whatever you're into, we've got it. Asian dating, singles 40 and over, gay dating, dating after divorce, tall singles, Russian women, single parent dating, firemen? If you’re looking to meet fitness singles, want to date a geek, are interested in courting "green" singles, or anything in between, we've got you covered.

Quality NYC dating sites are far and few. Rated one of the top dating services NYC has to offer by YELP, Manhattan User's Guide, The NY Times and more, OnSpeedDating hosts speed dating events in New York, VIP rooftop parties, singles vacations, ivy league dating, trivia nights nyc, gay networking events, lesbian dating and so much more.

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Singles Parties NYC
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