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Why Single Women Want To Date Black Men

Tyson Beckford, Blair Underwood, Terrell Owens, Will Smith and Denzel have all helped fuel women's love, appreciation and consequent desire to date black men.

What is it about sexy, single, black men that makes women weak in the knees? Well there's always the stereo-types, that from my experience dating black men, more often than not seem to ring true. If you like to date black men, you're probably fully aware that they have some very nice physical assets including full lips, nice booties and not to mention the fact they're more likely than not going to be well-endowed. They tend to have swagger, confidence, be outspoken and not be afraid to go after what they want.

Black men tend to be good dancers, exceptional athletes, passionate lovers, I could go on and on, but what's the point of building them up if you don't have one yourself?

Which raises the question. Where does a single woman go to meet attractive, professional black men that are actually looking for a relationship? Surely not the bar scene where relationship-minded black men are far and few. Definitely not Craigslist where when you post an online personal ad you're bombarded by front and center graphic photos of what many black men consider to be their best "asset"? Seriously, what's a single woman looking to date black men do?

Knowing that women of all races want to date black men, we were inspired to create an aptly "themed" Afrodesiac speed dating event for African-American men and all the women who love them.

You would be shocked as to how many women prefer to date black men. So many so, that we actually end up having to turn away droves of single women from this event due to the demand being so high. It's by far, our most popular dating event theme with women of all races and ages along with "Men With Accents Are Hot", "Size Matter's" for women that want to date men 6'1" and taller and "Fireman" Speed Dating.

We all have our dating "deal-breakers" and know what we're attracted to and initial attraction is a critical starting point for any serious relationship. And I truly believe that's why our Afrodesiac speed dating event has experienced such a high success rate with many women looking to date black men walking away with first dates that lead to long-term relationships and in a couple of cases even marriage.

What are you waiting for? If you are interested in having a relationship with a black man, register for the waitlist to attend our Afro-desiac speed dating event where you can date 10-20 single black men in one night and you know what they say.

Register with promo code Date Black Men to save $15 off the event price.

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