How do I use my living social or groupon voucher?

Steps to use your voucher:

1. Create a profile on
2. Select the event you'd like to attend
3. Select the correct gender link
4. Find your voucher number (groupon voucher numbers look like 77-XX)
5. Enter the code where is says "Enter a Promo Code or Gift Certificate", & click "apply"
6. Click register for event

Is three minutes per date long enough?

Three minutes may not be enough time to determine if you are sitting next to your soul mate, but it can be enough time to figure out if you have chemistry with someone. In that time, you’d probably know if you want to go out and have a follow-up date with the person. Three minutes is also our minimum. At our smaller events we generally extend the dates to four or five minutes.

What happens when I arrive at the event?

When you arrive you will sign in, and we will give you a pamphlet for note taking, a name badge, and a pen. Then we’ll invite you to have a drink at the bar. Once everyone has arrived the host will explain how speed dating works and answer any questions you may have. Then the dating begins. Usually women will stay seated while men will rotate after each three-minute date. After each date you should keep notes about the person you just met. At the end of the evening you take home the pamphlet with your notes, and go to our website to enter who your favorite matches were.

What type of people will I meet at the event?

In our experience, most people at the events are professionals who want to meet people outside of their regular circle of friends and coworkers. There is usually a cross-section of people from all types of fields who have various interests. Our goal is to bring together fun, attractive people and see them hit it off.

I am not within the age range specified for an event. Can I still attend?

Yes, you can. The age ranges are guidelines. In our experience, they are guidelines that work. If you are just outside of the age range, you’ll probably be just fine. However if you are way beyond the age range, it’s not very likely that you will find many matches at our events.

How should I dress for speed dating?

Wear what you feel comfortable in. Many people will be coming straight from work so suits are fine. But don't forget that in speed dating first impressions count.

Is it a good idea to prepare a list of questions to ask people?

It's a good idea to know what you want to learn about the person during your date. You can come up with questions based on what you are looking for. We encourage daters to be themselves and be spontaneous. It’s probably not a good idea to have a list of prepared questions. You’re not going on a job interview; you’re out to have a good time!

Should I upload a photograph when I register for the event?

Of course you should. People at the event are going to see you anyway! After the event when they go to check off their favorites, your photo will help everyone make sure they check off the right people.

What is your Cancellation Policy?

We ask for 72 hours notice and will credit your payment to another event of your choice. This gives us enough time to find additional daters to participate in the event. Day of cancellations and/or "no-shows" do not receive a credit. When you go to sign up for another event please email us with your username, the credit the event is coming from (name of event/date) and the event you would like to apply your credit to.

What is your Refund Policy

We do NOT offer refunds. If you can not attend an event and give us at least 72 hours notice, we will give credit for another event. If you do not receive the guaranteed 10 dates at an event we will credit you to another event of your choice pending availability. If last minute cancellations or weather cause us to reschedule an event, you will receive a credit to use for the rescheduled date or you will have the option of applying your credit to a different event of your choice.

How many dates will I get at an event?

You will normally get around ten to twenty dates in one night. Some events will be larger than others. We try not to go over twenty dates in one night because that’s a lot of new people for anyone to remember.

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