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Tue To Be Announced
  • Murphy & Gonzalez @7:30
  • Price: $35.00
  • Ages:25-45

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21 Waverly Pl NY, NEW YORK 10003

"Flying Solo" Dating

Single, sexy female flight attendants are the the epitome of romance; what will they do when they are off duty - shopping in Paris? Partying in Madrid? Surfing in Costa Rica? What celebrities are they smoozing with and/or dating from "first class"? What is it about a flight attendant that makes men go crazy? Could it be the freedom and lifestyle of being able to jet away to faraway places? The uniform? The getting laid...over in some of the most scenic countries known to man?

Find out for yourself at our "Flying Solo" Speed Dating event where you'll meet 10-25 sexy, single, flight attendants in one night.

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Murphy & Gonzalez
Murphy & Gonzalez
Murphy & Gonzalez
Murphy & Gonzalez

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Starts: 12/31/2030 at 7:30PM
Ends: 12/31/2030
Price: $35.00

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