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Title:  Top 5 Reasons To Snag Yourself A Hero This Holiday Season
Author:   amguesa21 |  Location: NEW YORK
Date: 11/15/2017
If you haven't tried dating a firefighter in NYC you're missing out. Aside from the looking good in uniform and amazing pensions and benefits they have a lot of women aren't aware of many of the other benefits of dating single men in the FDNY so I've decided to put together some of the perks you may not have been aware of. Feel free to add anything I have left off.

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1. Firefighters are domesticated: Cooking and cleaning at their firehouse is actually part of their job. You wouldn't believe the meals and culinary spreads a lot of these guys are capable of preparing. They take turns cooking for the entire firehouse and the bar is high. Who doesn't want a man that is a pro in the kitchen and can help with the household chores?

2. Flexible Schedules: I've dated successful business men and Traders in the past and barely got to see them as they were working long hours, constantly checking their phone and taking calls on dates which were far and few due to them constantly having work engagements and having to travel for work. How is that a good thing? Firefighters on the other hand have great schedules. They work 24 hours and then are off for 48 hours!?!? How amazing is that? The perfect shedule for romantic getways.

3. They're Hand and Can Fix Stuff: It is amazing to be with a guy who can change the oil on your car, fix a flat, assemble your IKEA furniture and do everything in between. Another perk of dating within the FDNY. These guys fix stuff at the firehouse all the time so you're good to go!

4. They Don't Run From Danger: Have you ever dated a guy that wants to send you out to investigate when you hear something go bump in the night? That is scared of bugs and rodents? That you don't feel safe with walking down dark alleys? Date a firefighter and you will no longer have these issues. They are masculine and are used to protecting people and saving lives. They know CPR, the Heimlich and everything in between!

5. Being Fit Is A Job Requirement: These guys get paid to work out and stay in shape. If they start to let themselves go you don't need to say anything as all the guys at their house will be getting on them about it. Have a single firefighter throw you over their shoulder via a Fireman carry and you'll be hooked!






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