Transgender Speed Dating

Transgender Speed Dating

The Williams Institute, a subsidy, or more properly, a "think tank" of UCLA's School of Law, was commissioned in 2011 for $2.5 million, making it the largest donation in history for an academic institution specifically devoted to the study of gay and lesbian disciplines.  Their studies into the aggregate numbers will serve as the basis for this article, as well as the gay and lesbian articles.

Compared to the study results pertaining to gay men and lesbians in the U.S., transgender statistics are particularly harder to quantify.  One reason is that many male-to-female individuals identify simply as female, and the same of female-to-male.  It is noteworthy that some think that not all transexual or transgender causes fall under the purview of lesbian, gay, and bisexual causes, and that transsexuality has to do with gender identity rather than sexual orientation, thus the human rights issues such as the benefits of marriage exist in what is identified as LGB.  Further, there are a number of individuals that fall under the "umbrella" of transgender who cannot be easily classified as LGB, such as intersex, pangender, and bigender.

The result of Williams Institute's study estimated that in 2012 approximately 700,000 people were identified as transgender in the U.S., which accounted for about 0.3% of the population at that time.  This includes: individuals who do not conform to societal gender roles, those assigned a sex a birth who feel it is an incorrect account of their true selves, or anyone who has undergone an operation to change from one sex to the other.  Distinctions have also been made between transgender (those who have undergon surgery or are taking estrogen/testosterone in order to prepare for it), and transexuals (of having to do with sexual orientation and self-image).

As is the case with gay and lesbian dating, there is little difference between the events other than the ambiguity of gender roles in relation to chivalry, but some speed dating and online dating services may require that an individual identify themselves as having had an operation or clarify their original sex in order to avoid conflict with potential matches.


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