Gay Speed Dating

Gay Speed Dating

The Williams Institute, a subsidy, or more properly, a "think tank" of UCLA's School of Law, was commissioned in 2011 for $2.5 million, making it the largest donation in history for an academic institution specifically devoted to the study of gay and lesbian discipline.  Their studies into the aggregate numbers will serve as the basis for this article, as well as the lesbian and transgender articles.

Among the key findings from the study-published most recently in 2012-surveys revealed that approximately 4,030,946 men in the United States idendify as either gay or bisexual, which accounted for 3.6% of the male population at that time, which is roughly half of 313 million individuals.  Of these 4 million individuals, 2.5 million (2.2%) identified as gay, and 1.5 million (1.4%) identified as bisexual.  Outside of the inherent speculatory provisions for a poll of this scale, these numbers were assumed to be on the low side, as there were could have been and likely were another portion of the population that didn't didn't identify themselves as gay or bisexual because of stigmas that hung over their city of residence or their professions. Also, another portion of the population identifies as MSM, or "men who have sex with men", but do not consider themselves to be homosexual. 

In recent times, an uptic has occured in the number of men who publically identify themselves as gay.  This is due in large part from the actions of the LGBT community to eradicate hostility and discrimmination.  Also, numerous celebrities have come out since 2010, and made the idea less fragile, including professional athletes like pro basketball player Jason Collins, and more recently, football player Michael Sam.  Sam made headlines this year as being the first openly gay man to play in the National Football League.  Since 2013, the solidarity of this community has provided sufficient pressure that commonly used derogatory terms used to describe gay people, even the word "gay" itself in a negative context, has become taboo and politically incorrect.  This can be seen in TV and Internet ads that discourage young people from badgering their peers for their sexual orientation, the initiatives of many sports leagues and institutions to support equality and same-sex marriage, and the severe scrutiny that falls upon any famous person caught using derogatory terms about another person's sexual orientation or speaking agains same-sex partnership. 

In the context of speed dating and online dating, gay dating is generally no different than what would be considered "straight" dating.  While it is noteworthy that the LGBT community has targeted sites like eHarmony as discrimminatory against same-sex relationships by only allowing male-female matching services, there are a number of sites like that are dedicated exclusively to male-to-male matchmaking The same rules of enagagement apply during speed dating events, with the exception that many of the practices that consider the gender of the participants, such as allowing the woman to sit while the men exchange tables, are bypassed are bypassed in favor of a more egalitarian system. 


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