Five of the Most Romantic Places in New York

Five of the Most Romantic Places in New York

The following is a list five of the most romantic places to take your match on a second date in around New York City,

  • Central Park's reputation is known throughout the world as one of the must-see tourists spots in the city.  It is also one of the most butterfly-inducing places to take that special someone.  There are boat rides by the famed Belvedere Castle, horse-pulled carriage rides with trees all around, and an unending supply of picnic spots with a view of the Big Apple skyline hanging above.  Perhaps the most romantic spot in the park is the Conservatory Garden, identified officially as the park's quiet zone where weddings take place and love is ever in the air.  Honorable mention to the Central Perk Boathouse.

  • Brooklyn's Botanical Garden is the home of the Cherry Esplanade, which turns into a strolling paradise of pink blossoms and lush greens around March of every year.  The Cherry Walk is leisurely stroll through a canopy of these trees (including the Liberty Oaks, in honor of 9/11 victims), and there are dozens of secluded benches to sit and get to know someone better.  Nearby, the Japanese Hill-and-Pond Garden offers the ambiance of trickling waterfall alongside numerous types of Japanese flora, including the beautiful Japanese Iris, plus soft and colorful hills that give way to more heavenly arrangements as you move alongside waterfalls, finally reaching the mystical Shinto shrine.

  • The building bears no sign of its interior.  There are no neon marquis, or crowded parking lots to navigate.  The interior harkens back to a time before the hustle of the city pushed out quiet places in favor of assembly line coffee shops and free Wi-Fi.  Dimly lit corners, oak surfaces, and live piano music played nightly.  Found in the eclectic atmosphere of NYC's Greenwich Village, the fabled One if by Land, Two if by Sea of 17 Barrow street is a lover's haven wrapped in mysterious allure.

  • You've heard this one before.  Many would consider the Empire State Building as the crown jewel of New York's towering skyline.  While the 1,250 foot skyscraper is indeed a marvel of modern architecture, it is the 102rd floor that brings couples young and old to view the 360-degree vista of the city from its observation deck.  The top floor of this building is so often visited that it has become a bit of a cliche' among locals, but all those feelings go out the window when you look down at all the moving lights.

  • Another Brooklyn locale, The River Cafe captures the ethereal mystique of New York's night life by combining a five-star menu with intimate lighting and the shimmering surface of the East River.   Exterior tables nest under the shadow of the Brooklyn Bridge, and garden walkways enchant the walkways.   The dress code is jacket and tie, and the wine selection is unparalleled.


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