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Speed Dating in general is a challenge in New York City. Our staff will continually supply our daters with dating advice, online dating help, dating venues, interesting dating stories, dating tips, first date ideas, and more. OnSpeedDating will be your one stop shop for dating. Get all the dating information you need right here!

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Find Love In Literally A “New York Minute” With Speeddating

If you’re single, living in NYC & completely over the dating scene, it’s time you took a “faster” approach to dating. Like most things in life, timing is everything, making speeddating the date of choice for the majority of busy, career-focused, New York singles.  Speeddating is refreshingly short, sweet & painless.  You’re “in,” & “out,” in a matter of minutes & can now with speeddating go on as many "speed" dates in one night, as it may have previously taken you, with your busy schedule, to go on in a year.

Speeddating is better than regular dating on so many levels.  With speeddating, you’re meeting singles for 3-5 minutes each.  Speeddating is just long enough (typically 3-5 minutes) each date, to assess whether there’s an initial attraction or chemistry with the person you’re speeddating.   After your speeddating session has concluded and you’ve met 10-20 men/women in one night, you then go back & decide whom you’d like to go on a full-blown date with.   The brilliance of engaging in speeddating first is that you get to go on your first “official“ date knowing that you’re already somewhat “into” and/or attracted to the person.  You were able to establish that during the speed dating.  If I haven’t already convinced you as to why speeddating is far superior to traditional dating, I’ll take it even further and let you know why speeddating is so much better than online dating. 

Want to know why you should be going speeddating rather than sitting behind your computer, surfing through online dating profiles for hours? How many times have you become an email “pen pal” with someone you met online, only to weeks later, eventually set-up what will likely be your first & last date.  You’re now stuck on a dinner date that lasts for hours with someone you realized you have no chemistry with within the first five minutes of meeting. 

It’s painful, especially when you then, on top of it, have to foot the bill.  Speeddating eliminate this once depressing dating ritual. Speeddating also help cut down the expense of dating.  Speeddating typically cost $30-40.00, depending on the speeddating service you decide to go with.  For this admission price, you get to go on 10-20 speed dates in one night.  When you do the math of speeddating, that’s at most like $3.00 a date!?!?  Not bad considering you could easily spend $100 taking someone you’re not even remotely attracted to, out for dinner or drinks.  Speed dating is definitely the most efficient & economical way to date. 

Many speeddating companies even offer discount codes for first-time daters making speeddating even more economically attractive.  So to break it down for you; speeddating is the absolute way to go when it comes to dating in NYC.  Forget online dating, meeting someone at a bar, getting set up by your friends or anything in between.  Speeddating is more efficient (just a 3-5 minute) investment of your time & just a $30-40 investment of your wallet.  Speeddating allow you to quickly assess whether you have an initial attraction to someone so that you can then ask him or her out on a real date. 

Many companies that offer speeddating host “themed” speeddating events making it even that much more likely that you’ll hit it off with the singles you’re meeting on your 3-5 minute speed dates. Register for a NYC speeddating event today with promo code 'Speeddating' to Save $10 off your first speeddating event.

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