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Speed Dating in general is a challenge in New York City. Our staff will continually supply our daters with dating advice, online dating help, dating venues, interesting dating stories, dating tips, first date ideas, and more. OnSpeedDating will be your one stop shop for dating. Get all the dating information you need right here!

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How to Get The Most Out Of The Gay Dating Scene In NYC

The gay dating scene in NYC can be tough. You'd think gay dating would come easy, especially given how many single gays live in NYC, the singles capital of the world. The challenge with gay dating in NYC actually stems from so many gay singles living in the city. Gay men have too many options & always seem to be looking for the next best thing, leaving very few gay men that are willing to commit to a serious relationship & way too many single gay men that are looking for gay love & can't find it jaded & totally over the NYC gay dating scene.

Are you completely over going out with single gay men who are just looking to hook up and have absolutely no interest in pursuing a serious, monogamous gay relationship?

Another challenge with the gay dating scene is the gay dating sites we try to find gay love on. How many times have you been perusing gay online dating profiles on gay dating sites like Grindr Grindr or Manhunt only to find 95% of the single gay men on the sites are posting photos of their "assets," Face it, the chances of you finding gay love via gay personal ads and/or meeting the guy of your dreams in a gay chat room are about as likely as Hugh Jackman coming out.

If you're really interested in pursuing gay dating as a means to eventually find gay love and/or gay marriage, or even if you're just looking to expand your gay social network of friends, I highly suggest you try gay speed dating in lieu of the gay singles bars and gay dating sites that you've been trying for years.

Chemistry is instant, it's either there or it's not. Gay dating just got a whole lot easier thanks to speed dating companies like NYC based OnSpeedDating.Com. They host gay dating events "themed" around your dating-deal breakers, think physical preferences, political views, backgrounds & more. You'll go on 10-20 3-minute gay "dates" in a night. That's more gay men then you might typically go out with in a year.

If you feel you hit it off with one of your single gay suitors you select them as a match online & can set up a full-blown date with them.

OnSpeedDating offers many gay dating event nights & have had many gay men find success with their gay dating events, which have lead to several gay dates, relationships & even a handful of gay marriages.

Register for the waitlist to attend our next gay dating event. With themes like "Gay Jock" Night, "Corporate America" speed dating for single gay men, HOT or NOT where gay singles have to submit a recent photo & be approved to attend, you'll definitely be able to find what you're looking for. Use promo code ‘gay dating' when you register to save $10 off your first gay speed dating event!

Register with promo code gay dating to save $10 off the event price.

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